Interior-Exterior Painting

Interior/exterior painting

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Both interior/exterior painting of the house will not just refresh dirty paintwork and peeling but will maintain the life and beauty of the wall plaster, render, or wood.

Preparation in the painting is crucial for success. Internal walls have to undergo washing with sugar soap to eliminate traces of dirt and grease and then rinse with clean water. Any cracks or flaking plaster will have to undergo sanding and re-filled with the help of plaster. You can also purchase ready-made filler for plaster that is easy to use. Wood interiors [kitchen and bath remodeling fort lauderdale fl] also have to undergo cleaning with sugar soap, rising, and then sanding with fine glass paper to give the surface of the new paint to grip. If you apply paint on the existing paintwork minus preparing the surface, it will peel or flake off.

The choice is personal on whether to start painting the walls or woodwork first. It is best to paint your emulsion on walls first because they do not take the over gloss paint.

Once you have finished interior/exterior painting preparation and rubbed smooth filler with glass paper, start painting. While painting light colors on the current dark color, it is perfect when you use a white undercoat. That is one of the options or choices to give your walls three or more paint coats to ensure that there is full coverage. Nothing is as worse as pale walls that have dark colors showing through as they end up looking very unprofessional and the results will make you happy. Begin by painting the wall from the top down as it will help you ensure that no paint is running on the walls.

After preparing the woodwork, start painting from the top downwards. Utilize a high-quality primer on the wood which gets followed by an undercoat. While repainting on the current paintwork, use one coat of gloss paint that you can find from many hardware stores and DIY shops.

What is 8+14?


When it comes to painting windows, use the masking tape to cover minor strips on the glass edges. Paint from the top downwards by avoiding runs and drips. Remember not to put so much paint on your brush as it may result in runs and drips. Do not try spreading the paint thinly as it may leave unsightly marks of the brush. Do not get tempted to pull the masking tape for one day because it will be a waste of time when you do it.

When doing an interior/exterior painting for doors, start the painting from top to bottom and then utilize an up and down stroke with the brush to blend your paint in a direction that will help in removing brush lines. Remember to paint baseboards. Use the same painting approach.

While painting the exteriors of the house, you need to start by dealing with the flaking, rendering, and old paint. After removing this, start your painting by hand, which is a tedious task or choose to use the paint sprayer. Whichever method you are choosing, you need to start by covering the ground underneath and household features with sheeting or newspaper. Start from the top and work downwards systematically.

The exterior woodwork has to undergo rubbing with glass paper before starting painting. Use a systematic approach [kitchen and bath remodeling fort lauderdale] from the top downwards. Do not choose a windy day for doing your exterior painting of woodwork because you may end up with dust and other dirt particles getting stuck on your wet paint.  


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What is 8+14?