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Now that you have decided of renovating the home, it is time to start carrying out some research. There is a need to learn different firms doing what you need out there. It is time to think about what you want to do and what is in your budget. While you do not have a reason to rush, you may get anxious about contacting companies that can do all the renovation you want on your house. Before hiring anybody claiming to be a pro in these tasks, you need to ensure that you know the contractor you are employing before beginning to work. We provide the following services at Fort Lauderdale remodeling when you choose us.


Bath remodeling

Fort Lauderdale Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Remodeling - best countertops, bathrooms, renovations, custom cabinets, home additions- 154


Fort Lauderdale remodeling company is the one you need to be looking for when you are aiming at making major changes to the bath like old fixture replacement, changing tiling, sink, and countertop replacement. Whether you would like to gut the space or everything, or whether you just want to make a few improvements minus altering the whole room, we are here to provide you professionals that will do it perfectly. We will give you a place that is safe and comfortable for your family.

We will start by removing outmoded borders, wall coverings, and wallpapers. We have the right machines at Fort Lauderdale remodeling company like the heating gun to remove old material. We will replace these wallpapers and replace them with neutral paints. We will make sure that the walls are smooth before applying fresh paints. We have neutral shades that will help us in this task.

At Fort Lauderdale remodeling company, we understand that lighting plays a vital role in the whole job. We will, therefore, change or enhance the lighting fixtures in the bath. We will also change vanities to give this space an updated look. There are many vanities in the market, and we know the right ones for your bath. The vanities we install in your house are all dependent on your choices.

When you choose us, we will give you an artist painting to show you the designs and expected results in your bath. You need to visit Fort Lauderdale remodeling company to see beautiful designs of faucets as they will help you save on money. Faucets are special aspects of the bath.



Commercial tiling

Fort Lauderdale Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Remodeling - best countertops, bathrooms, renovations, custom cabinets, home additions- 95


At Fort Lauderdale remodeling, we understand that the demand for commercial tiling has been on the increase over the last few years. The most common places where we put these tiles were airports, hotels, offices, and other commercial places. We know the living rooms, basements, bedrooms, and other rooms are the most used in the homestead. We know that you are aware of the benefits that come with tile carpeting. You will get so many advantages when you choose us to install them for you. Developments in commercial tiling have made them perfect for utility in many areas in the home.

We provide several brands of commercial tiling at Fort Lauderdale. You will see them when you visit our stores both physically or online. We manufacture most of them and also buy from other manufacturers for the designs that we do not have. Our prices are also friendly to the pocket, giving you an advantage since our tiles have hiding seams in the joints. We also have hybrid tiles at the company so that you get rugged, long-lasting tiles for your home.  When you choose these tiles for your home, the greatest advantage you will have is the pricing; it is affordable to you and does not take so long to install.


Kitchen remodeling

Fort Lauderdale Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Remodeling - best countertops, bathrooms, renovations, custom cabinets, home additions- 7


The kitchen remains to be an essential place in the home. Doing kitchen remodeling with contemporary amenities within your budget requires the experience, expertise, and skills provided by professionals at Fort Lauderdale remodeling company. We have many kitchen designers that will provide you with the designs you desire. Nonetheless, we know what you need, your lifestyle and budget.

We understand that licensing and other credentials are crucial before you choose the company to do the remodeling job. We have all the required certifications and licensing from the required boards to do this task in your home. Our employees have the right qualifications under their belts and know everything about trends, technologies, and accessories for revamping the kitchen. You can also go online to read the reviews from our previous customers, and you will realize that we are the right people for your job. We can give you a lot of references for you to confirm from our past jobs.

Many of you avoid kitchen remodeling due to the fear of unbearable costs. We want to inform you that when you employ Fort Lauderdale remodeling to do your kitchen remodeling, we will make sure that you get what your money is worth. When the time for selling your house comes, we are proud to tell you that you will get a return on your investment. We have skilled designers who will give you the desired amenities, ideas, and resources according to your budget. The decision of the pieces we install in your kitchen is all yours. We will analyze your family’s cooking style, socializing frequency, and lighting effects in the kitchen so that we help you choose the right remodeling ideas.



Interior/exterior painting

Fort Lauderdale Remodeling Kitchen & Bath Remodeling - best countertops, bathrooms, renovations, custom cabinets, home additions- 48


Preparation is very crucial when you want to succeed in interior/exterior painting. We will help you through the process by helping you wash the walls with sugar soap to eliminate dirt traces and grease. We will also refill cracks or flaking plaster with the plaster. When you give Fort Lauderdale remodeling this job, we will come with ready-made fillers for plastering. We will also clean your wood interiors with sugar soap and use fine glass paper to sand the surface. Since we know our job, we will do this to avoid peeling or flaking of the paint.

While painting your doors, we will start painting from the top downwards with the same strokes so that to blend the paint in directions that will remove brush lines. We will use the same approach even for baseboards. When painting the interiors and exteriors of the house, we begin by dealing with rendering, flaking, and old paint. Our professionals at Fort Lauderdale remodeling will begin painting by hand or use a sprayer. We will make sure that we cover underlying features with sheets or newspapers.

We will work on your exterior woodwork by rubbing them with glass paper just before beginning the painting job. We will apply the right systemic approach. We will come to work on your exteriors when the day is not windy because we do not want your walls to have dirt and dust particles getting stuck on wet paint.


Here is a list of our services you can get at Fort Lauderdale Remodeling:

1) Bath Remodeling

2) Commercial Tiling

3) Interior-Exterior Painting

4) Kitchen Remodeling

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